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EDGE Platform

Technimal EDGE device provide a high flexibility to easily collect the data from any type of equipment and provide actionable machine insight for manufacturer. Our tech systems guarantee the secure and reliable transmission of data to the middleware platform based on any cloud vendor – AWS, Google Cloud or other. It consume low energy and can be used to connect wirelessly with various network such as NB-IoT, lte, 3G, Lorawan, IP-ethernet and etc.

Collect and Control data icon

Collect and Control Data

By knowing the protocol of each equipment, Technimal EDGE devices can easily collect the data in real time. The data collected from equipment can be configured and managed remotedly through web interface application.

Tranform Data icon

Tranform Data

Technimal EDGE device can tranform all captured data into standard structure data for monitoring and analytic purpose. The data could be custom sensor values, machine status, tower lamp, temperature, speed, and more.

Edge icon

Data Collection Frequency

With Technimal EDGE device, it is possible to receive all kind of data every second. High frequency data will provide more accurate performance and downtime report.

Cloud Storage icon

Cloud Storage

Our tech systems guarantee the secure and reliable transmission of data to the middleware platform based on any cloud vendor – AWS, Google Cloud or other.

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Plug and Play

Technimal EDGE device can be installed in any kind of industry. Plug and play machine connectivity from sensors, PLCs, digital I/O, and analog sensors.

Remote management icon

Covering 99% of sensors in market

Local processor and memories are available to collect/ analyze and control for High/ Low frequency data at the Technimal EDGE in milliseconds resolution.

Fast and Secure

IoT platform

Technimal IoT platform gather the data and secure it in one centraliized location which can be used to remote access from any place in the world. Our platform make instant analytics and insight into reality and provide various tool to improve your ability to make decision based on real-time data

Data storage icon

Data storage

The tranformed data fromTechnimal EDGE device is securely gather and store in the cloud for fast data access.

API Access icon

API Access

Connect to web based visualize platform to integrate machine data accross your digital factory. The data can be intregate to our web-based visualize platform or 3rd party app such as SAP/ERP, Oracle, and more.

Rule Engine icon

Rule Engine

Build personal rule workflow from any collected data including machine conditions, tower lamp, processes to activate system automatically.



Technimal web-based visualize platform delivery various application to make an action such as real time dashboard, historical report, and alert/alarm by text, email or phone-call to operator. Create your own apps to match with your current shop floor to integrate your machine data with digital factory.

Production monitoring icon

Production monitoring

Identify bottleneck and pinpoint downtime in the production proces with real time dashboard. Customize the dashboard to match with your shop floor to achieve your goals.

Condition monitoring icon

Condition monitoring

Monitor and analyze machine health with real time data. Quickly respone to the trouble with machine alarm and notified when something gone wrong.

Predictive Maintenace icon

Predictive Maintenace

Analyze, predict, and avoid all type of failure on the machine in your factory. Using high frequency data and predictive algorithms to stop the problem before it happen.

Process Optimization icon

Process Optimization

Empower of workforce with process insight to optimize the workflow.

Customize your App icon

Customize your App

Select your own gadget to monitor the data in your digital factory and combine with your existing 3rd party application such as SAP/ERP, Oracle, and more. Customize and extend visual into your ideal UI.

76% of Industrial IoT implementation 'FAILED'

” CISCO, 2019 “

Why other FAIL?

bad data icon

Bad data

Data can’t be uses to drive process improvement or justify capital expenditures

time and cost icon

Time and cost consume

Avilable solution are expensive and time-consuming implementation

No domain expertise icon

No domain expertise

It is hard to deliver packaged manufacturing use cases in the form of services, applications, or solutions by themselves

Bad application icon

Bad application

Complexity of the application and no interaction between operator and application


Efficient data icon

Efficient data

Collect data in low quantity but give out high performance

Easy Installation icon

Easy Installation

One-box for installation, fast, low cost and no additional equipment needed

Vertical expertise icon

Vertical expertise

Deep IIoT expertise provide manufacturing platform

Simple Application icon

Simple Application

Simple and effective for manufacturer to use their data at maximum capacity

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