Monitor your power

Upgrade your factory with real-time data. collect, analyze, and optimize to improve your productivity

The challenge in Energy

It is a true challenge to track down the energy usage in each machine. How much the energy has been consumed in each machine every second? No visibility in energy usage,It is costly because of increase in unpredicted downtime and energy usage

Monitoring your energy with real-time data

Check and collect electricity consumption in machine for energy management

Increase your responsiveness with ai and machine learning

Monitor and analyze machine health with real-time data. Quickly response to the trouble with machine alarm and notified when something gone wrong

Improve efficiency by 20%

Smart factory is an upstream competitive advantage that will bring you into the apex of your field.

Technimal Application

Production monitoring

Increase performance efficiency with real-time OEE, downtime, and performance report

Condition monitoring

Quick responsive to machine condition with real-time monitoring

Predictive Maintenace

Analyze, predict, and avoid all type of failure on the machine in your factory

Process Optimization

Empower of workforce with process insight to optimize the workflow

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More visibility
to your facroty

Gain more visibility over the machine status and power usage to control and improve pfactory efficiency. It is time to unleash full potential of your factory


Industry solution

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Heavy Machinery

Increase production performance and monitoring machine health with real-time data. It is time to upgrade into higher quality standard.

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Food and Beverage

Gain more visibility over the production, manufacturing, and transportation process to control and improve product quality. It is time to unleash full potential of your factory

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Monitor and control your machine health and power usage to make the most efficient decision to maximize profitibility

Upgrade your factory

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