Internet of Things

We provides the one-stop service with in-house platform including wireless connectivity device, IoT gateway, data management, cloud storage, data processing and data visualization for SMART FACTORY, SMART FARM and SMART HOME that allow you to see your assets anytime, anywhere with any devices.

Robotics Consultation & Solution

We can collaborate with a client in many different technical areas. We assist our clients in order to develop from scratch any kind of machine, or achieve their objectives.


Technimal is an engineering consultancy and Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider with a unique focus on making a traditional factory to be a SMART FACTORY and prototyping new hardware technology, and turning those prototypes into market-ready products.

Technimal is a startup company incubating in Prince of Songkhla University Business Incubation Center (PSUBIC). Technimal is a new version of Hatyai Mechatronics Limited Partnership, founded on 2014 then we decided to increase the capital and change the name to be Technimal Company Limited on August 2016.

Technimal members consist of 5 engineers whose expert in engineering have been researching and executing many projects since 2010 especially Internet of Things, Robotics and Automation which specific in both hardware and application software. Technimal’s service can be categorised into 2 major area, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solution for smart factory and Automation Solution Development.