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We provide prorietary end-to-end Industrial IoT Platform to improve efficiency, safety, and quality with innovative business model that “EVERYBODY CAN USE”

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Increase Efficiency,
Maximize Profitability

Technimal provide effective and flexible industrial IoT platform to make digital tranformation in your factory. Easily Collect and Analyze the data from any equipment and visualize on the application to reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and maximize profitability in real time.



Easily connect, collect, and visualize the data from any necessary machine on the industry



Open the deeper insight to analyze problem in real-time


Take Action

Decrease downtime with responsive action by sending alert to the right person at the right time



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Learn how Technimal lead industry to the world of digital factory

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Technimal Edge is a plug and play (PnP) device to easily collect the data and sends the information wirelessly to our platform. It has high flexibility to easily capture the data from any type of equipment and provide actionable machine insight for manufacturer.

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Cloud Platform

Technimal IoT platform gather the data and secure it in one centraliized location which can be used to remote access from any place in the world. (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud, Artemis Cloud)

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Technimal application visualize platform delivery various application to make an action such as real-time dashboard, historical report, and alert by text, email or phone call to operator.

Technimal Application

Production monitoring

Increase performance efficiency with real-time OEE, downtime, and performance report

Available for upfront payment or monthly subscription

Condition monitoring

Quick responsive to machine condition with real-time monitoring

Available for upfront payment or monthly subscription

Predictive Maintenace

Analyze, predict, and avoid all type of failure on the machine in your factory

Available for upfront payment or monthly subscription

Process Optimization

Empower of workforce with process insight to optimize the workflow

Available for upfront payment or monthly subscription

The analytics case study

Digital Transformation in Food & Beverage Factory

To improve the productivity in food and beverage factory, we will collect and analyze the data to monitoring and track down the downtime in the process.

The analytics case study

Increase efficiency in Steel Pipe Factory

To increase the efficiency of steel pipe factory, we will collect and analyze the data to monitoring and control it.

Our Unique Values


Data efficiency

Collect small quantity but high quality data

Group 2

Simple installation

One box to connect everything

Connect to everything

End-to-End Service

Assessment, Virtual Consultation, Installation

Low intial cost

Low initial cost

Reasonable and reachable for every factory

Our success story

Heavy Machinery

Increase production performance and monitoring machine health with real-time data. It is time to upgrade into higher quality standard

Elevate product quality

“The data is very accurate and easy to uses. We have been able to noticed the pattern of the downtime which is impossible before.”

Food and Beverage

Gain more visibility over the production, manufacturing, and transportation process to control and improve product quality. It is time to unleash full potential of your factory

Real-time condition monitoring

“We can monitor the operational process in real-time anywhere and alert help us to respond to the problem faster than ever.”


Monitor and control your machine health and power usage to make the most efficient decision to maximize profitability

Monitor and Control your energy

“Now we can see and control our power usage.”

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